STEENVAS Industrial Epoxy Floors

Superior quality, strong and durable industrial flooring and wall protection.

We provide specialized epoxy floor coatings for the Industrial, Food and Beverage, Commercial, Manufacturing and Automotive Industries.

Colour tinted epoxy floor applicationSTEENVAS Industrial Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Known for it’s durability and life span. Our reputation for quality products and workmanship has placed us at the forefront of the industrial flooring market. Our clients include I&J, Tiger Brands, Coca Cola, Commercial Cold Storage and Windmeul Eggs to name a few.

Our floors are extremely hard, durable, can take an intense amount of impact and is highly resistant to acids and chemicals. We offer seamless non slip epoxy coatings and epoxy colour coatings.

What makes STEENVAS Floors unique?

  • STEENVAS has the exclusive right to the ST200 FILLER.
  • The epoxy binder, filler and composition of STEENVAS ST200 results in the floors being highly resistant to pressure, wear, corrosive and other aggressive agents such as oils and acids.
  • Each grain is covered with a smooth glittering covering of a natural mixture of  ORGANIC FATS and NATURAL HARDENERS which forms an extremely strong chemical binding with the INORGANIC EPOXY compound that STEENVAS uses in the ST200 Floor and Wall protection compound.
  • When applied, the grains of STEENVAS ST200 come into close contact with each other, forming a dense hexagonal spherical compound.
  • The variety in grain size of the STEENVAS MINERAL with a density of 2,7 kg/l presses out most of the air normally captured in mixed epoxy compounds. Due to the high density of our unique blend of heavy minerals content in STEENVAS ST200 FILLER the floors produce superior results. Another property of this compound is that it absorbs energy quickly and releases it slowly and homogeneously.

Industrial Flooring Solutions

  • Full Industrial Titanium Epoxy Flooring System
  • Industrial Titanium Non-Slip Flooring System
  • Industrial Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring Application
  • Industrial Primer Sealant Flooring Application

Further Data

  • Specific weight: 2,7 kg/l
  • Anti Static and anti-magnetic
  • UV resistant
  • X-Ray resistant
  • Non thermoplastic
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel, fats, oils, brake fluid, sea water, fresh water and chlorides
  • Resistant to a large range of acids and alkalis
  • Tropic and termite proof
  • Quick heat absorption, slow and homogeneous heat emission, therefore very suitable for under floor heating and cooling systems (Cold Storage)
  • Discourages Bacterial growth.

Epoxy flooring solutions are ideal for floors of chemical labs, dairies, butcheries and abattoirs, industrial floors, acid reservoirs, terraces and steps, cooling rooms and cold storage, airplane hangers, fruit factories, wine cellars, bakeries, workshops and manufacturing plants.

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