STEENVAS Epoxy Adhesives

Our range of epoxy adhesives has been proven in the market for many years. Countless applications for one of the strongest multi-surface bonds available today.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial grade flooring solutions used in factories, cellars, industrial kitchens and more. Applications are available in any colour and grades of strength including an exclusive titanium-based epoxy system for superiour durability. Food-grade and non-slip solutions available too.

Residential Flooring Solutions

We have a variety of decorative applications for residential (and light commercial) use. We also provide industrial strength epoxy flooring systems for garages.

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Jou produk is ‘n wenner. Hy is steenvas, klipvas en rotsvas!

Epoxy Floor & Wall Protection

Special Industrial, Commercial and Residential floor and wall solutions with a unique system and products. Main objectives are Incredible aesthetics, extreme durability and absolute safety where everyday wear and tear take a toll on floor surfaces. Our unique almost indestructible Epoxy and Titanium coatings prevent damage to floors and will reduce maintenance-intervals and costs.

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Epoxy Adhesives

A Two component Resin (Epoxy) with our Unique Mineral filling which binds and sticks to any organic surface.

The unique mineral filling creates a virtually indestructible and unbreakable bond which can withstand immense pressure and extreme temperatures while being resistant to basically all liquids and chemicals.

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