About Us

STEENVAS is a family owned business founded by Anton Steenkamp in 1982. Owning a mining right for heavy minerals along the West Coast of South Africa, the realization of the unique composition, hardness and strength of the heavy minerals found exclusively in this area, lead us to where the concept of STEENVAS was born and developed.

After years of analysing various grain sizes, mineral compositions and testing with the best epoxies on the market, with continued commitment, the unique STEENVAS recipe was developed and STEENVAS has since grown into one of the leaders in the epoxy flooring and adhesive markets.

We believe our growth as a family owned business has developed because of our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work in ensuring that we were able to fully satisfy our clients with the best high quality products & services.

Two new products have since been developed with the latest technologies and we are continuously striving to achieve the highest standards in quality products and workmanship.

Our objective

To consistently meet the needs of each individual client and provide them with a product in which they can trust. We have a qualified team which have journeyed with us throughout the years and are specialists in what they do. We believe that all these factors have contributed to STEENVAS products & services standing out in the market place today.


STEENVAS consists of two divisions, the first one is the industrial flooring division, where we specialize in epoxy floors for industrial factories. We have done over 250, 000 m² with STEENVAS.

The second division of the company is the manufacturing of two component epoxy adhesives, focused on the industrial, construction and automotive  industries. However, the variety of industries to which we supply and provide solutions for with our adhesives, continues to grow. The vast applications for which STEENVAS can be used are endless.